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Chinook Guide Silicone Tarp 11005

11005-1 r02

Description and Specifications

Product #Size
11005 (Dark Green)6'7" x 9'10"
11018 (Dark Green)9'10" x 12'10"

These all-condition, all-purpose tarps are perfect anytime you need protection from sun or rain. Compact packing size and lightweight fabric make these the ideal tarps for any backpacking, group camping or water sports trip. Numerous guy points and special catenary cuts ensure a taut pitch.

  • 40 denier nylon fabric with silicone coating on one side and a 2000 mm polyurethane waterproof coating on the other creating a super durable and waterproof tarp for all conditions
  • Factory polyurethane tape on the center seams for complete waterproofing
  • Very durable guy loops and center tie points are made of nylon webbing and have extra reinforcement along corners