Chinook Technical Outdoor

At Chinook Technical Outdoor we are inspired by the beauty of Canadian nature and the love for the great outdoors. We specialize in developing products for mountaineering and family camping. Our products allow people to enjoy the full benefits of self-propelled outdoor-oriented lifestyle. In the last twenty years, we have made innovative breakthroughs in mainstream outdoors products, such as apparels, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and technical cookware.

Chinook Technical Outdoor strives for perfection through our experience in the outdoors and creativity.

If you're new to outdoor adventure, then look no further. We produce our products through enthusiasm and passion with creativity. At Chinook, we know how important the quality of products will bring to our customers.

Chinook products not only bring new and diverse culture to outdoor activities; but we also believe that the sky is the limit. Chinook can offer exciting and new experiences through the enjoyment of spending quality time with families and friends.

If you are looking for a memorable adventure, Chinook is the perfect selection for you.